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And twos

Chris Mooney

His favourite drill, five players, no dribbling, usually make 4 trips (up and back twice), the shooter can't rebound, outlet after a make (no inbounds pass), add two more trips each time there is a missed layup, fumbled ball or confusion ("and twos"), they can get up to 12-14 trips. It's unscripted, so players have to talk, worry about who rebounds and who gets the outlet.

Trip two, 3 can't rebound, go up and back again, make all four layups.
See Passing - Izzo warm-up, Shooting - Grinnell run the floor.
Mads Olesen - Princeton layups

Score as many times as possible in 60 seconds, rules are
- no dribbling
- the ball can't touch the floor (even after a shot)
- the ball can only be passed forward
- the same person can't shoot twice in a row
- the shooter can't rebound
- every player must get a foot in the key every time up the floor.

Two teams go 4 times each, best total score and best score for 60 seconds. Additional rules for high school teams are
- every player must score in first 5 baskets
- rebounder must be the shooter
- ball can't cross the middle of the court once inbounded (a cross-court pass is easily picked off by defenders)
- rebounder must score at the other end (Hernandez rules).

Can be run with layups, foul-line jumpers and 3-point shots.

SNYB - crocodile passing - the ball starts under one basket, get it to the far basket for a shot without dribbling or the ball hitting the floor, and everyone has to catch it at least once. The next group goes when they get halfway upcourt.

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