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In pairs with one ball, 7 shooting spots. 1 takes a shot from the corner, moves to the next spot on a make. On any miss,

- 1 can give the ball to 2, and 1 will shoot from the same spot on the next turn.
- 1 can take a second shot and keep going on a make, or on a miss have to start at the beginning on the next turn.

The winner is the first to finish.

Variation - on a miss, 2 can make a putback before the ball bounces (or a tip in) for one point.

FIBA Coaching Library - around the world - 7 spots, the shooter must make a shot to move to the next spot, one trip is 7 spots and counts as 1 point, switch with partner on two misses in a row, compete with each other against the clock.

Mads Olesen - Walberg around the world - a player takes a shot from each of 7 spots around the lane, start over if the ball hits the floor on a miss, switch with partner when done.

See Shooting - 2 miss and out, Petitgoue around the world.

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