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2 in 1 (stop-score-stop)

Bruce Weber

4 on 4 halfcourt shell. To win, one team must get a stop, score and stop in consecutive possessions. Alternate the attacking team on every possession.

Here if team X makes a stop to start play, it will then try to score on attack and stop again on defence to win. If team O scores, they will try to stop, score and stop to win.
(Variation - halfcourt stop, fullcourt score, fullcourt stop to win)
goxavier.com - to earn a point a team must stop-score-stop, then they start again on defence. Start with two teams, halfcourt 4 on 4, rotate players when a sequence is interrupted (the other team goes on defence), progress to three teams, fullcourt. Have rules for fouling, e.g. an offensive foul is a stop, drawing two defensive fouls is a score, also tie balls go to the defence.
Todd Schaefer - stop-score-stop, blow the drill dead as soon as a team doesn't complete one of the three possessions.
Ettore Messina - stop-score-stop - fullcourt 5 on 5, the drill ends when a team gets a stop, then a score or foul, then another stop.
Mike Neighbors - stop-score-stop - halfcourt, two teams, progress from 3 on 3 to 4 on 4 to 5 on 5. A defensive foul is a score, a held ball is a stop.

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