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Post play
UCLA shooting

Sherri Coale

Each post goes twice in a row (use a rebounder). To begin, 2 fakes then feeds post 5, who scores, then 3 will feed 5 for a score. Progressions after feeding the post

- the passer relocates high or low, the post kicks it back out for a shot
- relocate, kick out, the post re-posts for an immediate pass inside (two steps deeper, bury the defender)
- the passer cuts high or low for a handoff and scores
- cut high or low, the post fakes a handoff and scores opposite.
USA shooting - the balls are out top with a line of guards, the wings v-cut to get open, guards follow their pass. Posts finish with their favourite moves.
(Variation - wings blast cut from the corner).
Ettore Messina - when the ball is passed into the post, Europeans always like to have a perimeter player in vision of the post. The passers stays or splits the high post (most NBA teams cut the post). As soon as the post puts the ball on the floor, the player on the wing relocates to the ballside corner (never before the dribble). The weakside wing cuts to the basket on the post entry or the dribble, the weakside corner lifts up ready for a skip pass.

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