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Two balls. 1 passes to 2, 3 passes 1, 2 passes to 3, etc., then reverse.


- specify the pass - chest, bounce, push, overhead, kick
- each player makes a different pass
- change direction on a signal
- add a coach in the middle to distract passers.

Ganon Baker - use 3 balls.

Rick Torbett - 3 players with 4 balls.

Kevin Sutton (Basketball Coaching Notes) - 4 players with 4 balls, pass at the same time, progressions - speed up, move closer, reverse direction.
Mike MacKay - the passer shortens the pass with a small step, able to use either foot to pivot, and makes a side pass (push pass from the shoulder) or a circular pass (more of a side-arm pass around the defence). The receiver also shortens the pass with a short step, and meets the ball at the right spot and the right time. Progression - add passing off the dribble.

Andy Sparks - use a crossover step to pass.

Dave Malowski - triangle passing in offence – one ball, three players (on each wing and out top), catch, pivot (not through the “strike zone”), pass with the outside hand, change direction on a whistle.

Canada Basketball - passing off the dribble can be added, the side (push) pass and circular pass.

See Passing - Run and support.

With more players, each player follows their pass to the back of the line they passed to, use only one ball (That's a Foul, Aug. 2004).

Carleton University Women's Team

Pre-game warm-up, team triangle passing with one ball, each player catches and passes on the run. The next pass will be from 3 to 6 cutting towards 4.

Variations - Greenvale Grizzlies

- use two balls
- change directions
- change directions on vocal command from coach.
coachesclipboard.ca - Japanese triangle passing - use chest, bounce and push passes (both hands), go both directions, the key to the drill is the pass receiver is moving (toward the next receiver).
Dave Malowski - cut on eye contact, jump stop on the catch, step with the outside foot and pass with the outside hand, pass in front of the cutter, progressions
- crossover step
- change direction on a whistle
- two balls, then change direction.

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