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Bigelow wall

Bob Bigelow

Individual passing using a wall. See Passing - Ganon Baker solo one-ball, and Rapid fire.

a) With your right foot forward, pass 10 times against the wall (not too close) with your right hand, above your head. Repeat with the left hand (left foot forward).

b) Move close to the wall, dribble 25 times with the right hand then left hand.

c) Overhead pass - step back a bit, make 10 overhead passes against the wall.

d) Overhead pass with lateral step - overhead pass, take 1-2 steps to the right, catch and pass, step to the left, continue back and forth.

e) Chest pass - a line of players with one ball, the first player chest passes against the wall moves to his left then to the back of the line, the next player catches and does the same thing. Progressions - pass and move to your right; bounce passes (on the return, after the ball hits the wall).
Ray Lokar - stand about 15 feet from a wall, step forward with your right foot and make a chest pass, repeat stepping forward with the left foot, continue for 50 passes, then make 50 bounce passes.

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