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Two balls.

a) Counter-clockwise passing

1 passes to 2, 3 passes to 4, both follow their passes, and the pattern continues.
Use only one ball with fewer players, with only four players the last player dribbles to fill the empty spot.
Bob Bigelow - use the elbows and blocks with kids, start with one ball and chest passes. The passer should look at the receiver, who has to look at the passer and show his hands as a target.
Ray Lokar - 4-corner passing - players pass to the line on their right, follow their pass for a return pass, pass again to the same player, go to the back of that line. See Passing - Raytown.
Geno Auriemma - have three balls going at once, players pass, run to the ball, catch the ball, pass back again (a shorter pass), and move to the line they passed to (going in front of the receiver).
Bobby Knight - tight square (use the lane). 3 balls, pass, return pass, hand off, go inside to the back of the line. switch directions on "change", call out the name of the guy you are passing to.
Bill Pangos - Indiana passing - two balls, the action is pass, follow, catch a return pass, flip the ball back, go in front of the receiver to the back of the line, can add a third ball.
Mike MacKay - rhomboid passing - passers take a short step to the right, make a side (push) pass to the next line, then go to the end of the line opposite the direction of the pass (so 1 goes behind 6). Receivers show target hands, shorten the pass by stepping to receive the ball, pivot, and pass to the next line. Progression - take one dribble in the direction of the pass.

Coach Mac - swing passing - 1 passes in front of 2, who is jogging towards 7 and catches on the move, then 7 starts jogging towards the next line for a pass from 2. Variations
- start with one ball
- one-hand, two-hand, chest, bounce passes
- one dribble before passing.

See Passing - Triangle.

b) Clockwise passing

1 passes to 4, 3 passes to 2, both follow their passes, and the pattern continues.

Variation - use a chest, bounce, overhead and push pass.

c) Pass in and out

1 runs diagonally across the grid, gets a pass on the right from 2, and passes ahead to 7. At the same time 3 runs across, gets a pass from 4 on the right and passes ahead to 5. 1 and 3 follow their passes.


- chest pass in, bounce pass out
- 1 gets a pass on the left from 4, 3 gets a pass from 2.

2 runs across for a pass from 7 and passes to 8, while 4 runs across for a pass from 5 and passes to 6.
Tara VanDerveer (Gooroo) - 4-corner passing - use two balls, players look to their right then pass in front, repeat looking left, progressions - walking-jogging-running, try four balls.
See Passing - Bill Self Seminole (4 balls).

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