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Severns 21 (Pistol)

Dave Severns
b) Keep
d) Down
e) At
 2015 NAU Coaches Clinic (YouTube), Offences - Izzo quick strikes (pistol, pistol down), Team Giannis, Fast breaks - Memphis (pistol), Nets early offence (pistol up), Attack/defend - Pistol action.

"21" (Pistol) is the Clippers hurry-up offence to generate 3-point shots early in the shot clock. They will run it for 5-6 minutes at any time. There are five plays - Chase, Keep, Dribble and Down are reads, At is a call.

When in doubt, spread out, drive and kick or pick and roll.

Wings 2 and 3 sprint to halfcourt then look over their inside shoulder to locate the ball. Whichever side the point guard brings up the ball, the ballside wing buttonhooks to straddle the 3-point line. (5 is the first big, 4 is the inbounder or rebounder)

2 and 1 would be on a volleyball line (about 10 feet from the sideline).

1 should advance the ball to the operating area by 21 on the shot clock.

Geno Auriemma - 2's step-up spot is foul-line extended, outside foot on the 3-point line.

Variation - use 4-out 1-in spacing, see Fast breaks - Nets.

a) Chase

1 hits 2 and follows for a handback, 5 flarescreens for 2, 1 takes it down, 5 follows to set a low ballscreen.

2 flares to the top of the key (not further, for spacing).

Golden State - Steph Curry will get the handback and shoot immediately, with no dribble.

Coach Daniel

- 5 can flarescreen as a decoy then re-screen for 2
- 2 can keep coming to ballscreen for 1.

See Quick hitters - Handback to flarescreen, Offence - Team Giannis.

1 comes off the ballscreen with two dribbles, 5 rolls.

If 1 passes to 2, 4 downscreens for 3, who curls and clears if not open, 4 flashes to the pinch-post (elbow) area for a two-man game with 2.

If X4 just sits in the paint, 4 is unobstructed in setting a great screen for 3.

You can backscreen instead of pin-down on the weakside.


- 5 can ballscreen on a pass to 2
- 3 can reject the downscreen and backcut.

See Offence - European (play #9), Fast breaks - Florida 2005, Spurs 2007, Spurs Strong.up

b) Keep

2 fakes a handback to 1, 5 ballscreens.
Mike D'Antoni
- 21 double - 1 follows his pass to stagger ballscreen for 2 with 5 (the second screener, who rolls)
- 21 Chicago - 2 passes to 5 out top, turns and screens for 1 to come back into a 5-1 dribble hand-off
- 21 Chicago rip - 2 passes to 5, 1 backscreens for 2, 5 can pass to 1 and follow to ballscreen.
See YouTube video Mike D'Antoni - 21 Specials, Offence - Team Giannis.

2 front pivots and comes off the ballscreen, 5 rolls, 4 downscreens for 3, 1 lifts behind (shake action, look for a hook pass and post seal).

Here 2 hits 3 coming off a pin-down and 3 hits screener 4 with a pocket pass.

The Clippers run Keep on the left side with right-hander Chris Paul at the 3-spot, he comes off the ballscreen, and can make the hook pass, with his strong hand. They run Chase and Dribble on the right side with Paul as point guard.up

c) Dribble

2 is not open, sets a step-up screen for 1, who comes off and tries to turn the corner (Chris Paul will get a layup a lot of times). 5 flarescreens for 2.

Option - 5 flarescreens for 2 then re-screens for 2 to come back if there is no pass.

Coach Daniel

- 2 can roll to the basket instead of using a flarescreen
- 5 can sprint right into a flarescreen for 2, who does not screen for 1.

Portland Trail Blazers - 5 can twist to ballscreen on a pass to 2.

See Horns 1 wildcats, Quick hitters - High and wing.

5 keeps going to pick and roll, if 1 passes to 2, 4 downscreens for 3.

Geno Auriemma - 5 flarescreens for 2 then slips a ballscreen for 1 (slip and a 3).up

d) Down

1 passes to 5, 2 backscreens for 1, who flies to the basket.

Golden State - Curry backscreens and is open if his defender helps on the cutter.
D'Antoni - 21 slip - 2 slips the screen against a switch.

1 clears to the corner, 5 makes a dribble hand-off to 2, 1 lifts behind, 4 downscreens for 3.
See Offence - Raptors 5-out.up

e) At

A call, looks like Keep. 1 hits 2 and follows, 2 keeps the ball and makes a dribble hand-off to 5 (Blake Griffin), who attacks downhill with one dribble and dunks.up

f) Breakdown drills

Start from the backcourt (transition), work both sides, progressions

- 2 on 0 chase (also keep, dribble)
- 3 on 0
- 5 on 0.

See Shooting - Handbacks.up

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