Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Ganon Baker hornet

Ganon Baker

a) Give and go

Line of players on each side with two coaches. Each player squares up in front of a cone (engage the defence), passes to coach, and face cuts for a pass and shot off two feet with the hand on that side.
(Variation - catch and shoot)
Lason Perkins - do pass and cut layups from the top of the key, the wings, and the corners, with a coach or players making the scoring pass.
See Layups - Give and go.

b) Backdoor

From the baseline, players pass to coach, pop out past a cone on the arc, and backcut for a pass (bounce or air).

Cut backdoor when you see head and shoulders between you and the ball, push off the outside foot, make a crossover step, beat the defender on the first step.

Tony Bergeron

- cut up the lane to the block, then pop to the wing
- backcut off a v-cut.

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