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Give and go


1 push or chest passes to 2 then cuts to the front of the rim for a pass. In a game situation, 1 will face cut if his defender does not jump to the ball (1 can fake one step away from the ball to set up his defender), or will take one step towards the ball then backcut if his defender does jump to the ball.

If 1 does not get a pass on the cut, he opens to the ball and seals at the basket, usually with a forward or reverse pivot away from the baseline (button hook).

Option - add a coach who jumps to the ball or not, the cutter must read the defence.


Give and go layups from all floor spots,

- shooters at the top of the key, passers on a wing
- shooters at a swing spot, passers on the ballside wing or other swing spot
- shooters on the wing, passers in the corner (shown)
- shooters on the wing, passers out top or at the ballside swing spot (shown)
- shooters in the corner, passers on the wing (baseline layups).

Lason Perkins - do pass and cut layups from the top of the key, the wings, and the corners, with a coach or players making the scoring pass.

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