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Run rabbit run

Canada Basketball

1 starts at the far foul line, 2 is on the far baseline, on a signal 1 tries to dribble to the near foul line without being tagged by 2, who is also dribbling.

1 goes behind the baseline, 2 changes direction at the near foul line and dribbles back, 4 comes on trying to tag 2 before the far foul line, then 3 comes on trying to tag 4.

If you tag a player, keep going to the foul line, then change direction.


- change the distances depending on player age
- go without balls to work on acceleration and agility
- have more than one group going at once, staying in their lanes.
(Use two lines running through the elbows, start with running then dribbling)
Vicki Popplewell - use only two balls, 2 passes to 3 before going off (3 can't leave early), 4 will pass to 5 at the other end.

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