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Line tiggy

Frankston Blues

All players have a ball and dribble only on floor lines in a designated area. One or two players are "it" (here X1 and X2) and tag other players with their non-dribbling hand, how long does it take them to get everyone out? Repeat with new taggers.

(Option - how many players can they tag in a set time, players are not out when tagged)


- scarecrow tiggy - if tagged, players become a scarecrow and can rejoin the game only if an untagged players rolls a ball between their legs
- stuck in the mud tiggy - players dribble from one baseline to the other, if tagged or they pick up their dribble they are stuck in the mud, they can then pivot on one foot to tag players dribbling past.
Daphne Marghetis - line tag - all players are running on lines, without a ball.
Steve Nash Youth Basketball
- Pac Man - players spread out on lines without balls, the pac man moves along lines trying to tag another player, who becomes the pac man (and can't re-tag). Progressions - walking, sliding, skipping, high knees, hopping etc.
- line tag - one player is it, it's a basic game tag but players must stay on the court lines.

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