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Woodley 2 on 2

Matt Woodley

1 is at the top of the key, 2 is on the wing, foul-line extended outside the 3-point line.

X1 has good pressure on the ball, X2 is in the pack, one step closer to the ball than his man, with a slightly closed stance.

When 1 passes to 2, X2 closes out (one hand low, one hand high), X1 sprints to get two feet inside the pack, closed stance. He is not shuffling into his gap, it's a full sprint, trying to get to the help as quick as he can.

2 passes back to 1, repeat 3-4 times, X1 and X2 sprint back and forth.


- repeat on the left side of the floor
- top of the key and the corner, same fundamentals apply
- wing and the corner
- two-guard front.

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