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Raptors 5 on 5 post entry

Dwane Casey

The defence should look like a zone with the ball out top.

When the ball is passed, turn and sprint, don't slide.

Shot selection is where your defence starts. On the raise of a shot, three guys get back, 3 can rebound if he is in the paint. Gregg Popovich doesn't send anyone to the boards.

In transition, talking and pointing is so big. Sprint to halfcourt (don't backpedal), turn and point to your matchup. No phantom steals. Don't force baseline in transition, all the help is in the middle of the floor. The second big beats his man back (don't buddy run) and gets to an elbow ready to help.

With the ball on the wing, X3 sends the ball to the baseline (no middle, no paint), X5 3/4s the low post, X4 would front.

The Raptors used to influence the ball to the middle, now they influence baseline because they want to send all pick and rolls to the baseline ("blue").

3 makes a Laker cut on a post entry, X3 forces 3 middle, where the help is (tag the cutter, in the paint).

1 replaces 3, 2 and 4 fill behind.
Avery Johnson - pick and roll defence should be consistent with the close-out.
See Defences - Mavs.

5 kicks the ball out to the perimeter, swing the ball, 1 makes a post entry and will Laker cut.

Continue until 3 rotates back to his starting position he gets a pass and shoots, defenders call "shot, box, ball" and rebound.

See Defending - Raptors closeouts.up

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