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Oakland 3 on 3 + 1 ballscreens

Greg Kampe

3 on 3 ballscreens plus a defender in the paint who helps but does not guard.

Oakland switches all ballscreens 1 through 4, a 5-1 ballscreen is a hard hedge.

Oakland wants really good pressure on the ball (if you can keep the ball in front of you, you can play in college). All other defenders have both feet inside the pack line about 17 feet from the basket, except if your man is going to set a ballscreen. Keep the ball outside the pack line. It's a lot easier to help out than to step in then get out. Two gap defenders have their eyes on the ball (6 eyes on the ball), be active in the gaps.

Every practice they shoot, guard the ball, and rebound.

Screen defender X1 connects with the offence so he can't get split, steps out and takes the ball a step above the screen, don't let 3 come off and take a jump shot. X1 has his belly to the far baseline, it's not a hard shock trying to force 3 back. The pack-line defence builds a wall.

X1 and X3 would switch right back on a re-screen.

Gap defender X2's reaction to dribble penetration by 3 depends on what "colour" 2 is:

- if 2 is red (a good shooter), X2 just sprints to him (shown),

- if 2 is green, X2 will stunt at 3 then go to 2,

- if 2 is blue, X2 shows on the dribbler, make him pick it up.

See Defending - Oakland pressure.

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