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Duke mirror

Coach K

1 moves back and forth for 12-15 seconds, trying to lose X1, who uses defensive slides to keep 1 in front of him.
beone.basketball.ca - the two cones are about 2 metres apart, 1 tries to beat X1 and get across the line.
Ray Lokar - mirror from the elbows to the baseline, when coach throws a ball to halfcourt, it's 1 on 1 to the other basket.

Tara VanDerveer (Gooroo) - the leader tries to lose the other player, switch after 10 seconds,
- Warm-up 4 - running mirror (both players run), sliding mirror (both players slide).

Dave Malowski - without a ball then with a ball (right hand dribble, then left hand).

(Variation - one player dribbles, the other plays defence)

Jim Boylen - mirror drill - a good warm-up, leader 1 has his hands on the sides of a ball, follower 2 has his hands on the top and bottom, both players are in stance, arms bent, heads up, 1 slides in one direction, 2 slides with him, moving the foot in that direction first, change directions. Can go full speed.

See Jr. NBA - Defence (mirror drill).

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