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4 on 4 diamond

Chris Oliver

4 on 4 backscreen-downscreen (4-man flex), defend by 1) switching, 2) not switching.


Switch every screen, switch to deny, talk it and touch it.

Instead of teaching them how to defend every screen, just switch, and focus on offence.

A problem is that defenders become very much man focussed and forget about dribble penetration.

1 passes to 2, X1 jumps to the ball, 5 backscreens for 3, X3 and X5 switch it, X5 denies 3.

1 downscreens for 5, X1 and X3 switch it, X1 denies 5.

1 pops out to the wing, 2 passes to 5, X3 tries to deny 1.

5 passes to 1, 3 backscreens for 2, 5 downscreens for 3, defenders switch.


See Rebounding - Triangle screening, Attack/defend - 3 on 3 cross-screen downscreen, 3 on 3 flex, Offence - Argentina motion.

2) Not switching

On a pass from 1 to 3, X5 is responsible for a baseline drive by 3, X1 is responsible for the middle.

X2 sprints to help then turns and finds the screen (don't back into anything). If he knows that the screen is there he does not have to turn his butt to the screen, he can face it and can get on top of the screen, he has no help responsibility except if 3 drives baseline, then he would cover down on 5 and X1 would have two attackers (1 and 2). X2 has his left hand on the screen, if he uses his right hand, 5 will pin him. If 3 makes a skip pass to 2, X2's teammates and the bench call "skip", X2 recovers before it happens.

If 2 cuts high, X2 has him, if 2 cuts low, he's going a softer route because X5 is there, X2 can cut over or under X5 to meet 2 and front him on the block.
Matt Woodley - X1 jumps to his gap, from a gap position X2 just turns (front pivots) and fights over the screen (and X5) to the high side of 2 in the low post. X5 extends the screen (in the paint), has two eyes on the ball, he can leave once X2 crosses his face.

X5 is the help on a lob pass to 2

When the downscreen comes, X1 backpedals, leaves a gap and sees both (he has a middle drive), X5 goes best available path, most of the time through the gap, sometimes he might chase 5.
X1 is then the help on a lob pass.
Woodley - X1 in the gap extends the screen with his right hand, allowing X5 to come through, X5 can go either way to beat the screen, he tries to get below the screener's hips.

See Defence - Gapping screens, Attack/defend - 3 on 3 flexscreens.up

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