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1-2-1-1 thumbs up

This 1-2-1-1 fullcourt zone press traps off the dribble (thumbs up), unlike a regular 1-2-1-1 that traps on the inbounds pass (thumbs down), see Defence - 1-2-1-1 Basics.

X4 pressures the ball out of bounds, on the inbounds pass he drops below ball level, and can push X3 back. X2-X4-X3-X1 form a box with the ball on the side.

Option - X4 traps the inbounds pass if possible (thumbs down), otherwise drops back into thumbs up.

Rick Pitino matchup press - 1-2-1-1 - start with pressure on the inbounds passer, looking for a steal, rotate into the 2-2-1 matchup on a completed inbounds pass. Option - if X4 can see an inbounds pass to 1 in the corner, he immediately traps, otherwise he rotates into his box position.

Tubby Smith - X4 forces the inbounds pass away from the middle, then gets back to ball level, and X3 can back up. X2 pressures the ball, forces 1 to dribble, trap if he gets out of control. X1 mirrors the ball on ball reversal.

Jim O'Brien - X4 will immediately trap an inbounds pass to the coffin corner, otherwise he drops back below ball level.

See Defences - 1-2-1-1 Kentucky (White), White and Black matchup (White), Florida matchup press, Tar Heels scramble.

coachesclipboard.net - 1-2-1-1 press
- one fist - immediately trap the first pass
- two fist - wait until the first pass receiver puts the ball on the floor and starts the dribble, then trap
- side fist - trap the ballhandler along the sideline in the backcourt or frontcourt.

Doug Porter - Stay press - the initial trap is delayed, the defender pressuring the inbounds pass looks to trap near a sideline as the ball nears midcourt.

Pitino - change your presses, e.g., match-up on a jump shot, 1-2-1-1 on a shot inside the paint, halfcourt trap on a 3-point shot. Also change the press if you knock the ball out of bounds (dead-ball situation).

Variation - start in a 2-2-1 set with the ball out of bounds.

See Defences - 1-2-1-1 Kentucky (Black), 2-2-1 Walberg.

Tubby Smith - used after a made 3-point shot (or X4 is out of position), X4 bumps X3 back to the second line of a 2-2-1, X5 shifts back and protects deep, opposite the ball.

Pitino - if 1 passes to 3 in the middle (weak ball pressure), X2 chases looking for a tip, X3 plays middle aggressively, X5 defends the basket, X4 retreats backside, X1 retreats ballside. To take the ball out of 1's hands, you can have X2 and X4 double-team immediately.

X2 pressures the ball straight up, X2 and X4 double team if 1 drives up the middle, X1 and X3 are interceptors, X5 is the safety.

If 1 blows by, X2 and X4 sprint to back tip, other defenders retreat (you will get steals from behind).

Pitino - on the inbounds pass, X2 plays 1 straight up and close, encouraging the dribble. Any attempt to dribble middle is immediately trapped by X2 and X4, if 1 gets by the defenders, the ball must be tipped from the rear.

Dean Smith (2-2-1) - on a slow dribble, X4 would give ground then sprint to double-team, surprising the ballhandler.

Walberg - ball pressure is key, make the ballhandler put it on the floor (an attack dribble), they don't care which way you force, X4 always turn into a trapper. If you run the defence right, you will get more steals from behind (back tipping) than from traps.

O'Brien - the ballhandler is pressured hard, don't force sideline, a speed dribble triggers a trap with the nearest defender in the direction of the dribble (don't trap a dribbler who is under control).

Billy Donovan - on the inbounds pass, apply pressure, play the ball head up, not forcing side or middle.

Jim Calhoun - if 1 gets to the middle on the dribble, X2 tries to back-tip from behind, X4 tries to slow him down, the other defenders retreat.

See Defence - 2-2-1 UConn.

X1 and X2 trap if 1 drives up the sideline, X4 and X3 are interceptors, X3 covers the sideline, X4 covers the middle.

1f 1 spin dribbles, X4 reads it and attacks from behind.

See Defences - White and Black matchup press, Billy Tubbs fullcourt zone, 2-2-1 Hubie Brown.

Pitino - X4 reads any spin dribble and attacks from behind. Any uncontrolled sideline dribble is trapped aggressively by X2 and X1, X5 rotates ballside, X3 guards long.

Dean Smith (2-2-1) - if the ballhandler dribbles up the sideline, the defence drops back hoping to make something happen around the mid-court line with a double-team of X2 and X1, X5 moves over as interceptor, X3 would be goaltender, X4 an interceptor.

Calhoun - X1 comes up to trap when he sees that the ball is in full control by X2.

Bruce Pearl - interceptors X4 and X3 are guarding three attackers, they read the passer to position themselves.

Donovan - X4 may be able to steal a pass back to 4, but don't give 3 the middle of the floor.

O'Brien - X4 is the key defender, he takes away a pass to the middle, the only pass not denied is backwards, all defenders are below ball level.

Walberg - X4 looks to pick off a reversal pass if the trailer leaks up the middle, but can't get to it if 4 stays way back.

Pitino - X4 plays the middle for two seconds then gambles back for reversal. When a trap is made, rotate over to fill the position vacated.

Calhoun - protect middle and strongside, leave open a skip pass, X4 looks for the nearest defender to take away, it could be 4.
Greg Kampe - trap if the ball is dribbled or passed into a sideline trap box, see Defence - 2-2-1 Oakland.

Pitino - if 1 dribbles middle (laterally), X2 stays with him, go from a box to a diamond, if 1 continues to dribble to the sideline, X2 stays with him, get back into a box.

If 1 passes to 4, get back into a 1-2-1-1.

Pitino - X1-X2-X2-X4 form a diamond when the ball is rotated to the middle.

Dean Smith (1-2-1-1) - move back to a 1-2-1-1 alignment.

See Defence - 1-2-1-1 Tennessee.

Trap if 4 drives the ball.

Tubby Smith - pressure the ball, make 4 put it on the floor, get him out of control.

Donovan - if the inbounder can handle the ball they will trap him, if the big is shaky, they want him to dribble and make a play at speed.

Pitino - if the inbounder is the other team's center (their 5), the diamond moves back and plays the passing lanes, otherwise the inbounder is pressured, encouraging an uncontrolled dribble.

If instead 4 passes to 3, form another box, X1 has sideline coverage.

Tubby Smith - on ball reversal, X1 mirrors the ball.

Trap if 3 drives middle or up the sideline, X5 remains safety.

X4 can trap if 3 turns his back.

Tubby Smith - X1 does not come up to trap unless 3 is out of control. X3 does not guide 3 one way or the other, play him head up, make him put it on the floor. X4 traps if 3 turns his back.up

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