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Florida match-up press

Billy Donovan

Get the other team out of its halfcourt offence, taking quick transition shots or long 2s. Force players to make individual plays, not give up open layups or 3s. Not many traps against a good team (bad players dribble into traps), but get the ball away from the point guard, make it hard to get back, other players handle the ball. It's a ball defence, watch the ball, it will tell you where to go.

X4 is an athletic big, he buys time to set up after a make. X2 and X3 line up inside, hands up (surrender) to avoid fouls (get through the first half without giving the bonus). Don't deny, make the attacker cut to the short side, never front him. X2 is on the right, X3 on the left, the same as on offence, they take attackers closest to the baseline, back up until they find someone. X1 is ballside at halfcourt, X5 opposite the ball if at halfcourt. X1 talks to X2 and X3, gets them matched up.

Switch if a cutter uses a screen (defenders go basket side not ballside), but don't switch if he breaks back (rejects the screen).

On the inbounds pass, apply pressure, play the ball head up, not forcing side or middle, be all over the ballhandler with hands up (a linebacker blitzing the quarterback), don't let him look, make him put it on the floor, don't worry about containing him. There's a good chance you could get beat with that much pressure.

When the ball gets even with the top of the circle, the xdribbler stays on the side, another defender runs up to trap (they don't want to allow other teams to just clear them out).

It's OK to steal the inbounds pass with the inside hand, but have to recover if you miss, don't lunge past (fake hustle). On an inbounds pass to the other side, X4 sprints ballside level with the ball. If 4 runs the baseline before passing, X3 moves ballside like a help defender.

If the on-ball defender gets beat, another defender will stunt (run to fake a trap then recover to his man), if the xdribbler recovers and gets even with the ball on the side, then run up to trap.

Any inbounds pass ballside below the block is an automatic trap by X4. X2 may be able to steal a pass back to 4, but don't give 2 the middle of the floor. X2 does not run up if 4 gets a pass, but will stunt and go back on a shaky big.

If the inbounder can handle the ball they will trap him, if the big is shaky, they want him to dribble and make a play at speed.

Trappers have feet together, hands up, pivot with the ballhandler, come closer as he pivots, mirror the ball. Don't reach, it leads to fouling (trap on the ball, steal off the ball). They stay until a pass out, then sprint pursue to back tip the ball.

If you get a steal, pass it right away, the defence is going to rush you, don't throw it away.

If the dribbler beats a trapper up the sideline, the xdribbler runs behind his teammate to cut off the sideline.

Any time the ball is on the side, all defenders are ballside. Will give up two passes - lateral back, and furthest pass opposite, but not to the middle. If the ballhandler picks up his dribble, it's full denial.

If an attacker speed dribbles towards a trap and leaves his feet to pass, the trappers should be stepping in to take charges.

The last two places to trap are if the ball is a step across halfcourt, and then trap again on a pass up the sideline/corner.

If the ball is dribbled over halfcourt with no trap, the press is off, sprint to get a man.

A 1-4 press break is dangerous, especially a screen across then the screener breaks long.

If a team goes 1-4, the defender closest to the sideline plays behind, so the attacker breaks up and goes long into his body.

It's the same thing if an attacker breaks back to the ball along the sideline, play behind.

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