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3 on 3 back-down-UCLA screens

Ian MacKinnon

Three teams, 3 on 3 halfcourt, make-it take-it against new defenders coming in from the baseline. To start play, coach passes to O1, the player at the top can't dribble.

a) 4 backscreens for 2. Defensively, X4 triangles ballside and leaves a gap for X2, who goes ballside of the screen. 2 bumps and fades when X2 goes ballside, 4 re-adjusts the screen.

See Attack/defend - Pitt 2 on 2 backscreen.

If there is no pass on the bump and fade, 2 goes opposite when X2 recovers.

Defensively, X2 wants to go over the re-screen if he is forcing baseline, or under the screen if forcing middle (shown).

See Tactics - Using backscreens.

b) 4 downscreens for 2, who will again bump and fade if X2 goes ballside, and go opposite if there is no pass and X2 recovers from behind 4's re-screen.

If X2 chases around the downscreen, 2 can tight curl (into X4, helping 4 get open), or soft curl if a shooter.

4 downscreens if 1 does not pass to 2 or 4, or if 1 passes to 4 and gets a return pass.


On a pass to 2, 4 UCLA screens for 1, who can cut and post up.

Defensively, X1 jumps to the ball and goes ballside, X4 gaps ballside. If 1 cuts to the basket off the backside of the screen instead of flaring, X1 recovers through the gap.

See Attack/defend - Mike Procopio 3 on 3.

On a pass to 4 out top, re-start the sequence of backscreen, downscreen, UCLA screen.

If X2 is too close to the lane to backscreen, 1 would try to get in front to screen down and pin him in.

Award points for baskets and offensive rebounds. Losers run up and back, each winner must make two foul shots or run, any winner who makes both foul shots shoots two more, everyone else runs up and back again.

Variation - Backscreen, UCLA screen

4 backscreens for 2, then 2 would UCLA screen for 1 on a pass to 4 on the wing, or backscreen for 4 if there is no pass, there are no downscreens.

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