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Pitt 2 on 2 backscreen

Jamie Dixon

5 downscreens for 3, X5 and X3 defend the screen, coach passes to 3 on the wing.

Pitt has X5 give X3 room to go ballside (through) or trail.
(Option - start with a pass to coach, see 2 on 2)

If 3 passes back to coach, 5 backscreens (backscreen for passers).

If X3 goes over the screen (ballside), 5 will re-screen then roll to the post.

Play to a stop or score, the attackers can score on the downscreen, and pass again to coach for another backscreen.

Pitt has X3 go under the backscreen and X5 stands up a cutter going over the top. Or if X3 can crowd 3 and go the same route, that's the best way to go.

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