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Fast breaks
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FIBA Assist issue 38

The first goal is to score before the defence gets itself together and in place. The 3-point line is very important because this constant threat keeps the court open, widens the defence, and makes for easier 1-on-1 situations. Players understand that every open shot is a good shot, and that they should be ready to go in for an offensive rebound.

The first option is a fast-break layup or 3-point shot with no opposition, and the offensive rebound covered.

The second option is for a perimeter player to attack the basket, preferably to the baseline, attracting help, then passing to the opposite corner (shown). Focusing on a 3-point shot lessens the possibility of a turnover from trying to force a pass inside.

The third option is a low post, and play depends on which player goes to the post.

a) 4 in the low post

5 is at the high post (foul line), 1 is on the same side as 4. On a pass to 4, 1 cuts baseline if 4 is in the mid-post, or cuts high if 4 is below the mid-post (shown). After 1 cuts, 5 cuts to the opposite low post and spots up near the baseline, this play between big men is usually very effective.

See Offence - High-low.

If the ball doesn't go into the low post, 5 picks and rolls, 4 goes to the 3-point line.

A ballscreen by 5 in a central (middle) position is one of the most difficult situations to defend because the defensive help is not well defined and the defence is uncertain.

Against an aggressive defence that jumps on the ball, 1 steps back then plays with 4, who comes out. 4 will have extra room because his defender will be recovering after helping on 5, or because the two defenders have switched.

Against a passive defence, 5 re-screens while 4 changes his position to create space for penetration by 1.

b) 5 in the low post

4 is at the high post, in the middle. The rules are the same if the ball enters the low post. If there's no direct pass inside, triangle with 4 for a lob pass to 5 (shown).

If the ball can't change sides because of good defence, 4 picks and pops and 5 takes a strong position inside, trying to create a situation for a 3-point shot or 1-on-1 by 4 with the ball on the free side.


4 needs space to play in isolation, so any guard on this side has to move to the other side when the ballscreen is set. In the same way, 5 will go to the opposite low post.

Against a passive defence, 1 tries to attack X4, 4 pops and 1 kicks to him, X4 is further away and recovery will take longer.

c) Guard in the low post

This is always an option for 3, and an option for 1 or 2 if they have an advantage over their defenders. 5 is at the high post, 4 is on the perimeter. When the ball enters the low post, weakside players rotate, maintaining positions at the 3-point line, 5 goes to the opposite low post.

If there's no pass inside, the player at the low post goes to the corner and 5 takes his spot, looking for a pass.

On ball reversal, 5 flex screens for 2.

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