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Fast breaks
Early 5-out actions

Hooper University

See YouTube video - 5-out Actions for Early Offence.

5-out options covering these secondary breaks:

1) Drag Screen
2) Double Drag
3) Flip + Drag
4) Zoom Action
5) Stagger Away
6) Single Away
7) "Get" Action

1) Drag screen

a) Spread drag

2 and 2 are deep corners, 4 is opposite 1, 5 trails down the middle to set a drag screen.

1 looks to reject the screen.
Shake Action - 2 lifts behind the ballscreen, X2 can tag the roller or stay with 2 but not both.
Nate Oaks Alabama Offence - shake from the corner (or empty corner).
Chris Paul Pick and Roll Passing - pocket, hook, wrap, whip, lob, kickout, post entry.

See Fast Breaks - Phoenix Suns drag screens, Mike Brown early flow, YouTube video - Phoenix Suns Drag Screens.

b) Empty drag

The strong-side corner is empty, three players space along the weakside.

There is no help from the corner, so 1's first option is to reject the screen; there is also no defender to tag or help on the roll.

2) Double drag


4 and 5 set drag screens (in that order), 4 pops, 5 rolls.

1 can turn the corner or shoot from behind if his defender goes under the screens.
Mike Brown System - double drag then stagger away for 3 (see below).

b) Empty double drag

A player can cut through to the weak side, there is no corner defender to stunt at the pop.
Nate Oaks - 5 dives, 4 pops, open throwback to 4 for a 3-point shot.

3) Flip + Drag

Start with traditional 5-out spacing, 4 is opposite the ball.

1 makes a dribble hand-off to 3, 5 trails to set a drag screen.

The defence has to guard two actions.

There are a number of counters, e.g., 1 can keep the ball and attack the rim, or 3 can backcut if overplayed.

Option - 4 pins down for 2 on the weakside.

See BYU Cougars DHO + Ballscreen Continuity (repeat on the other side if 3 passes to 4).

4) Zoom Action

1 centres the ball to 5, who takes one or two dribbles along the arc (to either side), initiating a pin-down for the player in the corner, who "zooms" off the pin-down to get a DHO from 5.

5 rolls, 2 looks to turn the corner.

3 and 4 on the weakside can stay put and hold the sideline, exchange, etc., keeping their defenders spaced from the action.

The defence again has to guard two actions.
Weakside Ballscreen Actions - exchange, 45 cut, pin down, flare, clear cut.
DHOs for Shooters - shoot if the defender goes under or gets hit by the screen, attack if the defender makes it over the DHO.

See Offence - Raptors 5-out, Inbounds - Sideline Zoom action, Baseline Zoom action.

Zoom action is part of the Princeton offence, and can be used in other offensive actions. See Offences - Princeton Point series, 5-out dribble-attack continuity, Fast breaks - Mike Brown early flow (Weak).up

5) Stagger Away

4 and 5 set a staggered screen for 2, who can curl the screens (his defender trails), catch and shoot at the top of the key (his defender gets caught up), or wrap around the first screen and screen for the screener (shown).

2 can backcut if overplayed.
Davidson Wildcats Staggered Away - a pass from 1 to 5 triggers a reversal pass and staggered screen for 3, who can reject or curl the first screen to the rim (then the second screener screens for the first screener).

See Fast breaks - Away.up

6) Single Away

5 screens away for the weakside slot, who can catch and shoot or attack, or curl to the rim if his defender trails.
Away 5-Out Offence - or reverse the ball to 3, 5 screens for 1. Flow into Get action if 3 curls or rejects the screen and isn't open (X3 may force 3 to refuse the screen).
Bob Richey - if 1 can't pass to 5 he sends him to screen for 3.
See How to Use Away Screens (Brent Tipton). If X3 goes under the away screen, 5 turns into a ballscreen (twist).
Steve Kerr Offensive Concepts - if 1 doesn't send 5 into an away screen, he passes to 5 and pin downs for 2 for a shot or zoom (DHO from 5, who can re-screen if 2 has no shot).

If there is no initial scoring opportunity, 5 can turn and ballscreen.

For a great wrinkle, 3 gets a pass from 1 then flips it back and keeps going.

5 turns and ballscreens for 1.
Steve Kerr - if 5 isn't open on the roll, 1 throws back to 3 to attack downhill.up

7) "Get" Action

Originated in Europe, a two-man game between 1 and 5.

1 passes to 5 and follows to "get" a handback. 1 looks to shoot if his defender goes under, or attack if his defender trails.

If there is no initial scoring opportunity, 5 can turn and they can flow into a high ballscreen.

The other players need to have great spacing and be ready to catch and shoot.
Bob Richey - 1 backdoor cuts if X1 denies a handback.
See Shooting - Handbacks.

Often X1 will go under the initial handback, this initiates a twist ballscreen from the 5-man.

Twist ballscreen.
Twisting ballscreens and DHOs - re-screen when the defender goes under.

For other options and reads against ballscreen coverage, see

Screen Low, Stay Low - against switching defence, 5 screens the "back pocket" of X1 then rolls to seal and get inside position.

Punishing the Switch
- attack the mismatch (size inside, speed outside, can use a boomerang pass)
- slip the ballscreen
- quick pocket pass or lob to the roller
- ballscreen with the attacker guarded by the weakest defender
- punish the help, find open shooters on the perimeter.
Attacking Drop Coverage
- reject the screen
- get to space for a pull-up jumper
- turn the corner on the dropping big and attack downhill
- hostage dribble (slow down, keep your defender on your back)
- snake the screen, the big rolls opposite
- hit the roller with a pocket pass, or a lob pass
- pick and pop (the screener has space)
- punish the help, find the open shooter.
Short Roll - against aggressive coverage (hard hedge, trap), hit the screener on a short roll to space (not the rim).
Ghost Screen - a fake screen or running slip, usually by a shooter, who sprints to space instead of screening.
Roll then Post - the screener does not get a pass on the roll, so he turns his roll into a post-up for a direct pass, or on a kickback to a player filling behind the drive (shake action).
See Blog Post - Ballscreen Reads, Skills Checklists - Offence > Ballscreens.up

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