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Oakland blood series

Greg Kampe

Two teams.

a) Blood 11

1-on-2 to 2-on-1. One team on each sideline, and players from both teams on the baseline.

Coach hits 1 on the run, X2 chases on the pass, X1 can't move until 1 hits the jump circle.

One shot only.

2-on-1 coming back.

Switch offence and defence, repeat.

See Transition - Walberg Texas (11), also Defending - Duke rush to 2 on 1.

b) Blood 22

2 on 2, coach hits 2 or 1 on the run, play to a stop or score (or one shot).

X1 and X2 attack going back.

See Walberg Texas (22).

c) Blood 33

Live 3 on 3, team O has players 1-2-5, is on offence e.g. for four minutes then switches. Subs for both teams come in from the baseline and/or sideline.

Coach hits 1 on the run, play to a stop or score (the defence can fast break on a steal).

1 tries to get the ball to a drop zone, 2 is low and late in the corner.

Progression - players 1-3-5.
- just players 1 and 5 (2 on 2)
- fullcourt with 12 players.

See Transition - Walberg Blood (22, 32, 33).

d) Blood 44

Add fourth attacker 3 in the other corner (or 4 on top), with defender.

If 1 gets to the drop box and 2 is not open, turn and skip to the other wing.

See Walberg Blood (44).
Walberg - defence stays until they get a stop.
John Calipari - Modern Basketball (FIBA YouTube)
- 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4
- alternate possessions
- 1 loops to the middle for a pass from coach
- X1 is on the halfcourt line, can't move until 1 hits the jump circle
- if the ball goes away from you (here 3), come up out of the corner
- if the ball comes at you (here 2), wait until it hits the 3-point line then blast out of the corner (meet it about foul-line extended)
- your feet move real fast, your mind moves slow.
See Transition - Calipari 11, 22, 32.up

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