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Continuous 3 on 3

Kathy Delaney-Smith
American Basketball Quarterly, 2005Q1

Four teams of three. Team 1 attacks team 2, teams 3 and 4 each have two outlets on the sidelines at the three-point line extended, and one outlet at a hash mark.

On a stop or score, team 2 inbounds or outlets ballside to team 3, who attack team 1 going the other way (team 3 players can't leave until the pass is caught, no leaking early). Team 2 leaves to the outlet positions.

When team 3 scores or is stopped, team 1 will pass to team 4, which will attack team 3 going back.


- award two points for an offensive rebound
- award extra points for a three-point field goal (work on defending the 3 in transition)
- play with teams of four players (minimize 3-on-2 and 2-on-1 situations).

Variation - play with only three teams of three, the team that makes the inbounds/outlet pass sprints to fill the outlet positions at the other end.

See Transition - 3 on 3 fullcourt, Victoria.

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