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5 on 4 continuous

Ian MacKinnon

Two teams, continuous 5-on-4 fullcourt, point guard 1 plays on offence for both teams, he can shoot but not offensive rebound.

Emphasize short, fast-break possessions, there is always an offensive advantage. Any ball out of bounds goes to the defence.
Option - 8-second shot clock.
- no dribbling
- run a set if there is no shot within 8-10 seconds.
See Scrimmage - 5 on 4 scramble, Fast break - Enfield 5 on 5.
Option (Chris Oliver) - have 1 defensive rebound at the nail area, he can push it or pass if he gets a rebound, or break to space if a teammate rebounds, see Nail rebound concept (YouTube).

Here X4 inbounds to 1 after a made basket by team O.
To work on breaking pressure, go 5 on 6 continuous, two teams of 5 plus an all-time defender who plays against the team in possession.
Lute Olson - to prepare to play a good pressing team, use six press defenders until across halfcourt, then play 5 on 5.

Variation - 4 on 3 continuous

Each team has a permanent inbounder (here 4 and X4), change the inbounders about every 90 seconds.
(Option - 4 on 3 with no inbounders, everything is a miss, outlet on a make)
See Fast break - Syracuse 5 on 5 outlet.

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