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4 on 4 on 4 converting

Three teams. Team O attacks team X. On a stop or score, team X inbounds/outlets to coach, who passes to team 3 at the other end. Team X stays and switches to attack positions. Team O gets back to defend against team 3.

Variation - team O sprints to defend team 3 after a stop by team X, team X defends against team 3 after a score by team O (defenders must make a stop to go on attack).

4 on 4 on 4 Angola
Basketball PEI Coaching Notes

One shot only, whichever team gets the rebound on a make or miss immediately outlets to coach, the other team sprints back on defence. Optionally limit dribbling, or require that all catches be outside the 3-point line to help teach spacing and fill concepts.

On the next stop or score, team O will outlet to coach, and team 3 will defend against team X.


- attackers must pass the ball at least twice before shooting
- teams of five players.
See Transition - Greenvale 2 on 2.

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