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Hubie Brown - How to win with less talent

Hubie Brown

Keys to winning with less talent:

a) Control defensive boards

- Sounds easy but it isn't
b) Get more shots
- Force turnovers
- Offensive rebounding
c) Get to the foul line
- Have an inside game, it can be post-up or dribble penetration, the other team fouls when you attack the paint (or get offensive rebounds), then they have to sub their talent
- In the NBA, the team that takes the most foul shots wins 9 out of 10 times
d) Get your best shooters high-percentage shots

- 2 best shooters in high school, 3 best in the pros
- Chart them from the centre of the floor and both sides, they will shoot well from 2 out of 3 spots, but not all 3 spots
- If you run passing game or shuffle offence, you're not getting high-percentage shots for your best players, especially at the end of a game.

Gospel of offence

- Spacing - no one defender plays two guys
- Be able to reverse the ball
- Have a short pass and a long pass
- Leave an area and replace
- Be able to start the offence if they take away the first pass
- Have a backdoor game.

Offensive thoughts

- The offence should be for the team, not for the coach
- Inbounds pass with two hands, you can pull it back
- Shoot at least 60% off the break
- Aim to score against fullcourt pressure, not just get the ball past halfcourt, or they will press all game
- Pressing coaches press in the first half so they can see your press break and make adjustments at half time
- Move one slot up the lane line when fronted, the defender will go with you, then there is more space for a lob
- The easiest place to post is on the dotted line in front of the rim, because everyone plays behind you, nobody fronts
- To become good free-throw shooters, shoot 20 minutes a day at lunch time, make 2 in a row then rotate, no talking.

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