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3-spot pass-cut-fill


See YouTube video - 3-person pass-cut-replace, also Jr. NBA - Offence.

One ball, one player out top.

1 passes to 3 (or 2) and cuts up the middle to the rim looking for the ball, then goes out opposite.

2 flashes to the top.

Facundo Petracci -
NCCP Super Clinic 2018

- after passing the cutter can a) cut straight (for a bounce pass), b) take his defender weakside, stop and swim (face cut), or c) cut towards the ball, swim and go backdoor
- the cutter takes his defender all the way to the baseline, opens up, seeing the ball, clears weakside.


- fill the top through a read spot (v-cut)
- replace the cutter after a two-count (late fill)
- add a coach who guards the ball out top, the passer reads whether coach jumps to the ball on a pass.

In a game, the basket cut by 1 is a scoring opportunity, opens up a double gap for dribble penetration by 3 or a blast cut to the ball by 2.

See Offence - 5-out youth motion,

3 passes to 2 who swings the ball to 4 and cuts up the middle, 3 replaces 2 at the top, continue (3 will swing the ball to 5 and cut).

Finish the drill with a give-and-go layup.

Catch in triple-threat position.

Progressions (below)

- 3 on 0
- 5 on 0


1) 3 on 0

Three players, continuous passing, the pattern is the same, basket cut only on a pass to a wing.

Optionally 2 v-cuts to get open, or goes down to the corner and blast cuts to the wing.

1 cuts and clears to the weakside corner (not to the wing, where a v-cut might be needed to get open).

3 fills late (after a two-count) and fills through a read spot (the elbow).

See Layups - Open-post motion.

On a pass out top to 3, after a two-count 1 blast cuts to the wing for a pass, 3 basket cuts and clears, 2 fills late.

SNYB - Offensive / defensive concepts - 3 can cut to the basket or exchange away with opposite wing 2.

See Scrimmage - Bigelow 3 on 3 with passers, Tactics - 3 on 0 basket cuts, Spurs 3 on 0, Teaching 4-out motion.up

2) 5 on 0

a) Basket cuts

Five players, the passing pattern is the same (no corner passes), basket cut only on a pass to a wing, fill late,

4 fills late on a pass to 3, who passes, basket cuts and clears, 2 fills late through the elbow.

This is simple 5-out motion.

Progressions - basket cut on

- wing-corner passes
- wing-top passes
- corner-wing passes.

b) Backcuts

Players backcut on a pass fake or dribble-at, or if looked at.


On a pass fake from out top, wing 4 backcuts, corner 1 blast cuts for a pass, 3 basket cuts to stay in the offence.

In a game, a wing also backcuts if overplayed or to create space, and would exit opposite a drive from out top.

Mike MacKay -
How to Teach Cutting - in a single gap, backcut immediately if you are looked at, dribbled at, or pivoted at.


Wing 4 backcuts and clears on a dribble-at, then 2 will fill cut through the read spot.

Progression - dribble hand-off option.
See 5-out youth motion (Dribble-at).


3 passes and basket cuts from the top, 2 cuts to the read spot and backcuts (e.g. on a pass fake from 4), third cutter 5 fills the top.
NSW open-post motion - cutting on the back of a cutter is effective.
See Offence - Petitgoue open-post (Revolve).up

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