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Kevin O'Neill handoffs

Kevin O'Neill

a) From the wing, pass to coach, cut for a hand-off, lay it up on the other side of the basket, rebound and go to the other wing, repeat from there.

Progression - one-dribble pull-up.
See Dribbling - 5star triple b.

b) Pass to coach, cut to the basket for a bounce pass, lay it in. Use a two-foot take-off in traffic.

Progression - one-dribble pull-up going baseline (can be an air pass from coach)
Adam Filippi - give and go's - two coaches, from each corner players dribble up the sideline to halfcourt, pass for a give and go, catch and shoot, rebound and switch sides.
Fabian McKenzie - Sooner drill - pass to coach from the halfcourt sideline, cut for a give-and-go regular, power or reverse layup, make two change-of-direction moves dribbling back out (up the middle).

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