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Hubie Brown off a screen

Hubie Brown

4 and 5 set area screens for shooter 1, 6 rebounds, 2 and 3 are the passers.

Coming off a screen, grab the outside hip of the screener. It's not how fast you come off the screen it's how you read the defence.

1) curl to the elbow, repeat with the other screen, continue side to side

2) curl to the elbow, shot fake, two dribbles, baby hook on the other side of the basket

3) bump (fade) - the shooter sees his defender shoot the gap, the screener drop steps (reverse pivot on his outside foot), the shooter backs up for a flick pass and 3-point shot

Reggie Miller would never curl if you shoot the gap, but why would a defender follow if the attacker can't shoot? Shoot the gap instead.

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