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Gonzaga screening

Mark Few

On every screen there should be an inside and an outside cut, complementary action. The screener puts a fist in the air and calls the cutter's name. Show the inside hand on a curl cut or backcut, the outside hand when popping. They can defend only one way each time, make them pay each way.

2 on 0

3 downscreens for 2, who backcuts (overplayed), 3 pops (steps back to the ball). Both get passes and shoot. Rotate 2 to 5 to 4 to 3.


- 2 tight curls around the screen (showing his inside hand), 3 pops (showing his outside hand)
- 3 downscreens, the defender plays to the inside, 3 turns to the inside, finds and screens the defender, 2 flares out (backpedals), 3 slips to the basket
- 2 pops out, 3 slips to the basket

3 on 0 flex screening

4 screens well outside the lane, giving himself more options off 3's downscreen. Pass to flex cutter 2 or screener 3, always pass to 4, who will backcut, curl, pop, or flare. 3 complements 4's action. Start by specifying 4's cut, then let him choose and have 3 read it. Rotate 5 to 3 to 4 to 2.

Touch and go is an option if 2's defender slips inside 4's screen. 2 touches 4 across the lane and uses 3's downscreen.

3 on 0 screen away

1 passes to 2, screens away for 3. Coach passes to the player going to the basket.

Options are:

- 3 curls, 1 pops
- 3 backcuts (rejects the screen, 1 pops
- 3 pops, 1 slips to the basket
- 3 flares, 1 readjusts the screen then slips (3's defender goes below the screen).

3 on 0 flare screen

1 passes to 2, fakes a face cut, 3 flare screens. Screener 3 can pop out if his defender cheats inside, and 1 cuts to the basket, or 3 slips to the basket if his defender helps 1's defender get over the screen, and 1 flares.

Throw to the corner

1 passes to 3 who dribbles out, 1 screens away for 2 then slips to the basket for a pass from 3, 2 uses the screen to get a pass from coach. 5 moves to the short corner to open up the slip.

In a game, 4 and 1 would double screen for 2, the second screener slips to the basket.

Throw to the corner if you can't throw guard to guard, to isolate the post, or to look for slip guy 1 if teams like to switch. On a throw to the corner, you want it back out of there (dribble out)

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