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4 teams

4 teams, come in on defence.

Team O attacks team X, team 4 is on the sideline, team 3 waits to defend at the other basket.


- team 3 comes on the floor on a stop or score at the other basket
- coach specifies the attacking set.

On a stop, defending team X attacks team 3, team O leaves the floor, team 4 comes on to defend the next attack.

If team O scores against team X, they attack team 3, team X goes off.

Here team X has scored against team 3, and attacks team 4. Team 3 does not have to leave the court since there is no team waiting on the sideline at that end.

See Pistons 3 on 3 continuous.

Pressing option

- on a stop, team O can press to win the ball back in the front court, then attack the other way against team 3
- on a score, team X can press to get the ball and attack team 3.

Variation - a team that wins the ball on the press attacks the same basket, not the other basket (more game-like).
See Scrimmage - 4 on 4 on 4.

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