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4 on 4 with coach


Coach plays in the game, is always on offence, can get a pass at any time, constantly talks about spacing and cutting, and rewards players with a pass, especially on a give and go. Don't pass to players who always run at the ball, encourage them to cut to the basket or space out, then pass to them. Coach can also pass to players who don't get the ball very often.

If coach is not getting the ball enough, have a rule that every pass or second pass must go to the coach [or coach can just demand the ball]. You can also have a limit of 1 or 2 dribbles, and play fullcourt.

The most difficult thing to teach young players is the concept of moving without the ball, this can speed up the process.

Variation - 3 on 3 with coach, see Attack/defend - Motion breakdowns.

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