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George Mason drills

American Basketball Quarterly, 2005Q4

The George Mason fullcourt scramble requires

- extreme pressure on the ball
- anticipating the pass
- effectively trapping the dribbler.

a) Nose on the ball

Defender X1 passes to O1 then makes him change directions at least three times before halfcourt. He is not looking to gamble and steal the ball.

O1 picks up his dribble at halfcourt, X1 traces the ball with both hands, O1 passes to coach after a two-count. X1 jumps to the ball to deny a return pass. Coach passes to O1 and the zig-zag continues to the end line.


b) Anticipation

O1 and O2 have their inside feet on the elbows. Coach passes to either player from the edge of the centre circle, he can use pass fakes and no-look passes. Defender X! starting in the middle of the foul line must anticipate and deflect 3 passes from coach to get out.


c) Herding

O1 starts his dribble underneath the basket. X1 and X2 starting from the foul line extended herd him into a trap, using the sidelines and working together. They can't allow O1 to step through the trap.

After a two-count, O1 passes to coach at midcourt, the defenders sprint out of the trap to tip the ball out of coach's hands or block an attempted layup.

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