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Florida circle trap

Larry Shyatt

Six players are around a foul circle. Coach passes to any player, the two closest players trap him, foul with their bodies but can't touch him with their hands (trappers don't get steals). The third defender is an interceptor. There's no dribbling, and the other attackers can't move. The player being trapped should not put the ball over his head, it makes you weak, pivot and sweep the floor like a broom, grab some space. He must fake a pass before making a pass. There is no 5-second count, don't turn the ball over, the trappers can't steal.

The two closest defenders trap on a pass out of the trap.
Shaka Smart - 4 on 4 circle trap, two trappers and two interceptors on each pass, hold the ball for two seconds then look to complete a pass.
See Pressing - Triangle trapping, Press break - 5 on 5 trapping, Hofstra blitz box (4 on 2), Passing - Tauer 4 on 3.

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