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Florida 5 on 5

Billy Donovan

Two teams are circling in the lane, coach shoots, scores, and calls out which team will make the inbounds pass, the other team presses, go fullcourt up then back (press on a make), repeat.
Shaka Smart - circle press - coach lays it up, calls out "black ball" (or white ball) and the press (e.g. "diamond").
Mike Rhoades - 5 on 5 circle - coach shoots, calls out one colour, that team gets the ball and inbounds immediately, the other team gets in the their press (this drill helps the defence work on not hugging their man).

Here team O inbounds against pressure.
Trap on the ball, steal off the ball (don't reach or foul in a trap).
Also see Transition - Florida 44-4.

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