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Press breaks
Hurley flood

Bob Hurley

At the end of a game they run Flood all the time.

Inbounder 3 takes advantage of five seconds, slaps the ball and runs back and forth so the defence has no idea where he is going to enter it.

The guards turn and run wide, 2 goes deep, both bigs come charging to the ball on both sides near the three-point line, 1 gets to halfcourt then flashes back to the middle, they want to hit him and let him go, 3 goes behind the pass so they can throw back to him. Donít throw a short inbounds pass against a diamond (1-2-1-1), too quick a trap. Any time you hit middle, throw opposite.
Flood drill - run press offence against 7 defenders, usually one is a basket protector, e.g., a 1-3-2-1 zone press, or double-team three receivers, and guard a big one-on-one. Go two minutes then switch teams, your 11th and 12th players can be the extra defenders.

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