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Press breaks
Baylor football

See YouTube video - All 5 Baylor players line up out of bounds.

In breaking fullcourt pressure after a made field goal or free throw by the other team, all 5 offensive players can line up behind the baseline, then break upcourt for an inbounds pass.

The player with the ball can also run behind the baseline, or pass to a teammate behind the baseline, within the 5-second count.

Use a "football" play to inbound the ball safely when the defence is going to foul.
Michael Lynch - Four Fly Comeback - four players line up across the foul-line extended and break upcourt, a good free-throw shooter breaks back to the ball, and can post up if denied.
1-4 Press Break (Basketball for Coaches) - all four players walk their defenders as close to the baseline as possible.

The play was used in the 2023 NCAA tournament, and videos in a tweet by Gibson Pyper shows screening being used:


Kansas State had two players screen for a primary receiver.


Florida Atlantic had one player screen for the primary receiver, two players broke upcourt.up

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