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Press break
Spurs 5-out

Gregg Popovich

4 inbounds to 5 who passes to 1 cutting up the middle. 1 passes to 2 (or 3) who passes to 3 (2) for a layup. 5 rebounds, the wings cross.

(In a game situation, 1 is denied on the inbounds pass.)

Coming back, 5 inbounds to 4, who rebounds the shot.

Progression - with all players on the baseline, coach can call 3-man weave, 5-man weave, (Spurs) 4-out or 5-out, up and back or one way, players must talk, get organized, who takes charge. If there are two players remaining they pass in pairs to join the other players.

Larry Brown - 4 tosses the ball off the backboard to start play, the point guard takes off when pressed, don't wait for the pass to 5. The ball can't hit the floor (no dunking), go up and back twice, one shot only, no inbounds pass (rebound and outlet), hit the trailer on the last trip.

See Fast break - Hurley 4-on-0 5-on-0, 5-player rush, Spurs 4-out, 4-player rush.

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