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Press break
Duke 4-man v-cuts

Coach K

2, 4 and 5 v-cut, call for the ball, show their hands, meet the pass, catch and face upcourt to see what's ahead, may need to dribble to make a passing angle. 3, 2 and 4 follow their passes, 5 scores then dribbles to the start.

Option - add three defenders to disrupt the passes.


Fabian McKenzie

- start with an inbounds pass
- finish with a backdoor cut for a layup.

Ray Lokar - Fullcourt meet the ball - 4 lines, 1) under the basket, 2) ballside outlet, 3) opposite hashmark (just past halfcourt), 4) ballside outlet at the far basket. Line 1 tosses a ball off the backboard, rebounds, pivots and outlets to line 2, which turns and passes without dribbling to line 3 coming to meet the ball, line 3 pivots and passes to line 4 cutting to the basket for a layup. All players follow their pass, line 4 dribbles back. Continue, change sides.

See Press break - Old Dominion fullcourt pass.

That's a Foul, Feb. 2008

Run the drill simultaneously in both directions, players follow their passes.

Pivot on the inside foot, pass with both feet on the floor, cut to arrive at the same time as the ball, run through passes.

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