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Post play

Hoop Tactics

a) Tip the ball 10 times off the backboard with the right hand, can score on the last tip. Switch to the left hand on the left side.


- touch the rim each time with the left hand (McHale Drill)
- two-hand tips
- practice tipping off a wall

David Thorpe

- self tip 10 times with the right hand on the right, 10 times on the left with the left
- 3 & 3 - 3 right-hand tips on the right then tip it in, repeat on the left with the left hand
- tip the ball away with the inside hand, chase it down, or tip it twice to tip it away
- McHale drill, start with 5 reps, work up to 50.
John Calipari - make 3 one-hand taps on the right with the right hand, tap it across to the left side, make three taps with the left hand then tap it across to the right side, go as long as you can, or how many can you make in 15 or 30 seconds. Do this with bigs and guards. They don't throw bounce passes, but do pass off the backboard.

coachesclipboard.ca - tap the ball on the right side three times with the right hand, tap it over to the left side, slide across the key, tap three times with the left hand, then tap it in.

b) Toss the ball high off the backboard, jump up and tip it in. Make a putback on a miss, alternate sides.

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