Basketball Systems, Skills & Drills

Post play
Mehmet Okur

FIBA Hoops Coach

a) Up and under - facing coach, catch, forward pivot on the right foot bringing the ball up, shot fake, ball back down to the right, step through with the left foot for a right-hand shot.

b) Reverse pivot - back to the basket, reverse pivot on the bottom foot to face up (Sikma), step through with the left foot towards the middle, spin baseline on the right foot, one dribble into a layup (left-hand off the right foot, or right hand off the left foot).

c) Forward pivot on the bottom foot, shoot (shown).

d) Step out with the top (left) foot to meet the pass, reverse pivot on the left foot to face up, rocker step middle, shoot.

e) Dribble into the lane,

- use a left-right stop to jump into a hook shot, the left arm is bent at 45 degrees

- running hook jumping off the left leg

- left (baseline) foot further ahead, fake a left-hand reverse layup on the right side, spin on the right foot, step to the basket with the left foot for a (note) left-hand layup (a Rondo move).

- right (top) foot further ahead, forward pivot on the left foot, step through with the right foot for a left-hand layup.
See Dribbling - Lee Rose halfcourt (diagonal).

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