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Tennessee two-man

Bruce Pearl

Two-man fullcourt warm-up, 3/4 speed, the players call each other's name, chest passes but the last pass is a bounce pass, the next pairs goes when the first pair gets to halfcourt. When all players have gone upcourt, repeat coming back. Go up and back twice.

See Kevin O'Neill pairs passing.

Variation - each pair goes up and back, see Paul Hewitt perfection layups.

Emir Mutapcic - pass, sprint (full speed in three strides), catch, come to a dead stop, pass (add a shot or pass fake first).
George Karl - fullcourt passing - 1 and 2 chest pass while defensive sliding sideways the length of the court, the second pair goes when they approach halfcourt, start without shooting then add layups at each end.
See Jr. NBA - Passing (partner running pass), Defending - Pass and slide.

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