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Bill Pangos

Warm-up drill with one ball, players are in five lines, pass two lines away and follow your pass. Call the name of the person you are passing to [or, for introductions, start by calling your name as you pass].
Variation - the last player takes a layup or shoots, see Shooting - Star group.
Frankston Blues
- use two balls (1 or 4 also has a ball)
- players run to the far side of the line they are joining, creating more traffic
- change direction when coach shouts "reverse".
John Belein - work on different passes, overhead (snap it); bounce (knee to knee); one-dribble, jump stop, step to pass.

WABC - 5 players with one ball, stationary, two teams compete.

See Passing - Circle, Rondo.

Joe Scott

Two minutes every practice, halfcourt, players are in both corners, on the sidelines arc extended, and in the centre circle, receivers should be moving toward the ball as they catch, it's possible to do the drill with two balls.
(Option - passers take one dribble to shorten the pass)

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