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Two balls, 8 players, each paired up the with player opposite. The balls are passed one player to the right, the passer cuts to exchange positions with his partner (concept of passing and cutting). How many passes can be made in 45 seconds?

Option - use only one ball to start.

Bob Hurley

Argentina's pre-game warm-up, pass to the right and switch lines with your partner, run hard to get to the other side, the ball will be there when you get there. Stay inbounds, get a pivot foot, turn, pass and run. Go for about 30 seconds then sub players, or use both ends of the court with 16 players.
Mike Neighbors - X-box passing - go for total passes or passes in a row in a set time, variations
- reverse direction on a whistle
- change the type of pass
- put coaches or managers at the foul-line extended spots, they don't have to switch, use both baskets (12 players).
Jay Triano - 6-man passing - halfcourt, same rules, two players are on each sideline (not in the corners).

Kevin Eastman - fullcourt version.
Mike Jones - with more than 8 players you can double-up except at halfcourt, corners are the hardest spots, 13 is a good number. If guys are doing a good job the balls should always be opposite each other. Usually go about 2 minutes, anything over 3.5 minutes, they are in good shape.

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