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Florida pick and roll

Billy Donovan

The defences they see against pick and roll are hard show/trap, switch, or go under/back off.

a) Flat pick and roll (backscreen)

This is a great pressure release for the point guard, and to get X4 away from the basket if he is a shot blocker/paint defender. 2 and 3 are in the dead corners, 4 runs up from the foul line (or arc). When 1 comes off the screen you want two defenders on the ball as much as possible, then 1 passes to 4 who drives the middle of the lane. 4 must roll towards the basket after screening.

If X1 forces 1 left, 4 will rescreen to go right.
Don Meyer - if 1 goes left of the Florida (flat) screen, 5 moves across the lane. Also see Arizona 1-4 offence (pick and roll).

4 will ballscreen again on a pass to 3 or 2, who work to get open. 4 rolls baseline, 5 ducks in from the other side to post in the middle of the lane.

If bigs can't shoot 3s, have them pick and roll to the basket, or to the baseline looking for a 15-foot shot or to attack off the dribble.

If the defence switches on the flat ballscreen, 4 goes to screen for 3. The defence may switch again so 3 doesn't use the screen, he bumps back. 5 is opposite 4.

5 flashes high on a pass to 3, 4 posts up, go four-around-one for the rest of the possession with a mismatch inside. 5 will be screening on the perimeter.

When the ballhandler is trapped, never pass out of it to the guy rolling to the basket, run the other post up behind the trap for a pass.

One of the hardest things for a big to do is handle a guard coming at him. If hedge defender X4 stays back in the paint, 1 drives the lane and will pass to 4 if X1 recovers back to the ball, 4 hits a wing and ballscreens.

If X4 is a shot blocker who just stands in the paint, run 4 out to set the pick and roll.


4 and 5 are at the second markers. 2 and 3 cross, screen for each other, pop out either way using screens from 4 and 5 (2 and 3 can loop cut).

(See the Florida 2005 fast break for options if defenders go ballside or manside of the screens)

1 passes to 3, spaces out wide and 2 sinks down. 5 can ballscreen for 3 and roll. However, if his defender shows high outside 5, then 5 will slip early (X5 may try to recover or trap). 3 hits the slip if he can, or can pass fake to 5 slipping.

For the defenders, a trap or hard show is easier to do if they know the ballscreen is coming.

(Variations - a) 1 dribble clears 2 or 3 if they are denied, or 4 and 5 break to the elbows, b) start from a Horns or 1-4 set, see Horns 23 Florida)

4 reads the slip and sprints right in behind 5 to set a sidescreen, X4 will be in the lane to play the slip, he is not even up in the play. 3 waits for 4, who will roll baseline and 5 duck in from the weakside.

If 4 can't get into the ballscreen (e.g., 3 is trapped), 3 can pass to him, 4 looks to drive or reverse the ball.


2 and 3 curl above the elbows (on either side).

1 passes to 2, 3 moves to the corner then lifts as 5 backscreens for 1 (force X5 to give help). 5 ballscreens for 2 and rolls, 4 replaces. 1 looks for a lob pass.

See the Florida 2005 fast break for an entry in transition.

Also see Horns 23 backscreen.

If the ball is reversed to 1, 4 ballscreens.

1 reads 5's defender. If he is hugging 5, 1 looks for roll guy 4 to be open; if X5 is cheating, 1 looks for duck-in guy 5.

On a pass to 2, 4 will ballscreen again.


On "2", 2 runs the baseline using screens from 5 and 4, 3 runs across the top.

See the LSU fast break (4 reads X2 twice).

1 passes to 2 and spaces out, 3 sinks, 4 screens across for 5 who then sprints to ballscreen for 2 or slip early.

Against a team that traps or shows hard, slip, or screen the screener's defender. Florida runs plays to get the show.

If show guy X5 does not handle screens very well, another way to make him late is to have 1 downscreen for 5 then clear to the ballside corner (option - using 4).

If 2 is trapped, the screener rolls and the weakside post flashes right behind the trap (don't pass to the roll guy).

Another option is that 1 passes and cuts to the ballside corner without screening.

4 slips a ballscreen, 5 comes out top for a pass, looks for 1 in the corner, 4 inside, or will pass to 3 and ballscreen (shown). This is a good pick and roll because X5 has to go from protecting the basket to defending a ballscreen.

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