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Flex Schlosser

Bob Schlosser

Flex with no downscreen, see Offence - Maryland flex, also Tubby Smith flex, Shooting - Pull-thru.

1) Basic pattern

1 passes to 4, 5 flex screens for 2, who cuts high or low (opposite his defender), 1 replaces 2, 5 sprints high to replace 1.

Transition entry option - 1 passes to 2 and exchanges with 4, 2 passes to 4 who reverses the ball to 1 (see Pass off elbow).

Chris Oliver - the flex screener sprints up, the hardest backdoor and best iso is at the elbow, where does the help come from.

4 passes to 5, 3 flex cuts, 4 replaces 3, 2 replaces 4.

2) Counters

a) Backdoor

5 has room to backcut if denied when replacing 1.

Oliver - the backdoor cut can be a quick hit even if you don't run flex.

Tubby Smith - 4 backcuts if overplayed, 3 fills and also backcuts if overplayed, 1 dribbles over and 5 fills behind (see dribble-at).
Canada Basketball - if 4 is denied, weakside 3 can set a backscreen, first cutting in the direction of the basket to create a better angle for the screen.
See Offence - Denial counters, Quick hitters - Duke actions (Up).

If 5 does not get a pass, 1 cuts back to the top for ball reversal, 5 clears to the corner.

Oliver - mask a backdoor cut with a guard-to-guard dribble-at, 4 dives, 5 replaces 1.

3 flex cuts on a throw-back to 5, 1 clears, 4 cuts up for an iso or backcut.

On a guard-to-wing dribble-at, players rotate one position (push-pull).

b) Duck-in

If teams start switching the flex screen, the screener can duck in after screening.

Tubby Smith - 30 low - 2 goes low, 5 ducks in, 1 flares, 5 replaces.

c) Go

If X2 starts to cheat into the lane on the flex cut (e.g. under the screen), 2 can call a "go" counter, pushing 5 back across the lane and coming out to replace 1.

(Option - if X2 cheats over top, 2 can bump and fade, 5 re-screens, 1 reads this)

Special - run an entire possession with just Go moves, allowing you to keep a post on the blocks.
Canada Basketball - 5 has the option of following the ball if there is a mismatch, 2 and 1 exchange spots.
Ken Atkins - 2 uses the go option ("me") when his defender jumps into the lane well before 2.

d) Pass off elbow

On a guard-to-wing pass, the two guards stagger screen for the weakside wing, also look for a post entry.

Oliver - you can set any action you want on a pass to the wing, they love backscreens and layups (5 sets a UCLA screen for 1).

Tubby Smith - if 5 is in the low post, they don't want to bring him out, post him up, stagger screen for a shooter in the other corner. If a guard is in the post, have him backscreen.

Gary Williams - pass to a wing if you think the post is open, weakside players exchange.

Pat Clatchey - spots offence - if the ball is swung to the wing there is no action except look to hit the post. A UCLA cut is a called set.
Atkins - on a pass to 2, 1 cuts through the ballside elbow and clears weakside, 4 and 3 fill spots.

Williams, Clatchey - on a post entry 2 upscreens (post split), the weakside guard dives, the weakside forward fills.

If 2 hits 3, 1 clears to the corner, 4 pops out top for reversal (into a flex cut), 3 can also look for a high-low pass to 5.

Williams - 9 times out of 10 on a forward-guard pass, just get it and pass.up

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