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Annotated links for information on FIBA rules (in addition to details of the Travel Rule).

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  • FIBA Basic Rules
    • Rules of the Game (YouTube)
      • 4 x 10 playing time, 5-minute overtime, Jump ball, Scoring (2 points, 3-point shot, 1-point free throw)
      • Personal foul, 5 personal fouls, 4 team fouls per quarter
      • Double-dribble, Traveling, 24-second shot clock, 14 seconds (offensive rebound), Back-court violation, 3 seconds
      • Time-outs
    • Rule Differences (FIBA, NBA, WNBA, NCAA)
      • Playing time, Shot clock, 3-point line, Time-outs, Jump ball & alternating possession, Individual fouls, Team fouls and bonus free throws, Technical foul, Goaltending & basket interference, Zone defence, Player numbers
  • Ontario Basketball Association Officiating Resources
    • Definitions
      • Status of the ball, Live ball, Dead ball, Jump ball/Held ball, Alternating possession, Control of the ball, Pivot, Frontcourt status, Backcourt status, Screening, Violation, Point of interruption, Foul, Incidental contact
    • Fundamentals
      • Beginning of the game (jump ball), Alternating possession, Establishing a pivot foot, Travel, Substitutions, Location of a player, Player in the act of shooting, Throw-in, Free throws, Fouls, Time-outs, Last 2 minutes (stop clock after made basket, options after time-out), Misc. (one coach can stand; shot clock reset to 14 or 24 on a rebound)
      • Addenda
        • If a team scored upon substitutes in the last two minutes, the other team may also substitute OR call time-out.
        • Both teams may call time-out when the ball is dead after a made last free throw, or any time the ball is dead and the clock is stopped. The non-scoring team may call time-out after a field goal is scored. A time-out (or substitution) opportunity ends when the ball is at the disposal of a player for a throw-in or first free throw.
        • On a defensive kicked-ball or foul (including technical foul), offence keeps possession, in their backcourt reset the shot clock to 24 seconds, in the frontcourt reset to 14 seconds if under 14 seconds, otherwise continue as is (no reset).
        • If a team takes a timeout in the last two minutes after being scored on (or a defensive foul or violation in their backcourt), the shot clock is reset to 24 seconds for a backcourt thrown-in, or 14 seconds if advanced to the frontcourt.
        • On an offensive foul or violation, defence gets possession, reset the shot clock to 24 seconds in their backcourt, or 14 seconds in the frontcourt.
        • See Rule Changes 2018 (Press release).
    • Violations
      • 8 seconds, Out of bounds, 24 seconds, Jump ball, Double dribble, 3 seconds, Closely guarded, Ball returned to backcourt, Kicked ball, Traveling, Free throw
    • Fouls
      • Personal foul, Team control foul, Player control foul, Double foul, Technical foul, Unsportsmanlike foul, Disqualifying foul, 5 fouls by a player, Block/charge
      • Addenda
        • A charging foul will not be called if the defensive player has one foot or both feet inside or touching the no-charge semi-circle.
        • A clear-path foul to stop a fast break is an unsportsmanlike foul.
        • See Rule Changes 2014, Rule Changes 2008 and 2010 (Press release).
    • Myths
      • The defence has to be stationary to take a charge.
      • A player canít be in the key for more than 3 seconds.
      • Over the back is a foul.
      • Reaching in is a foul.
      • A high dribble is a violation.
      • Moving while fumbling the ball is a travel.
      • All moving screens are illegal.
      • Assistant coaches can question officials.
      • A shooter cannot retrieve an air ball.
  • Shot Clock Rule & Count (FIBA Table Officials Manual, pp. 80-85)
    • Control of the ball, Shot clock started
    • Stopped and not reset, e.g.
      • technical foul by the offence
      • offence keeps possession on a ball deflected out of bounds or a jump-ball situation (alternating possession).
    • Reset to 24 seconds, e.g.
      • defence awarded the ball on an alternating possession in their backcourt.
    • Reset to 14 seconds, e.g.
      • defensive possession on a jump ball in their frontcourt
      • unsportsmanlike or disqualifying foul (frontcourt throw-in).up

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