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Ian MacKinnon

Shooter 1 and 9 start from both ends, passers are on the sidelines and in the centre circle, extra players are at the outlet positions.

The passing sequence for 1 is 1-2-1-3-1-4-1 for a layup, 4 rebounds and is the next shooter, 1 goes to the outlet line, passers 2 and 3 move up one position (2 replaces 3 who replaces 4).

9 does the same on the other side, 7 rebounds and is the next shooter.

Start with two balls, work up to four balls.

Switch sides.

Option - on a missed layup, everybody gets on a baseline, run a down and back, resume.
Tim Lockett-Smith - two teams, players on one team are the passers, the other team starts from both ends (each player has a ball), go for two minutes, switch teams.

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